Art & Craft Promotion –Kala Samridhi

Project Kala Samridhi is a project to increase the quality and marketability of dhokra products in Gatiguda & Jhigidi villages of Rayagada district in Odisha covering 265 populations. The project was initiated to revive the livelihood of the dhokra artisans by strengthening the vanishing dhokra craft with support from TATA Trusts.

Tata Trusts devised the project realizing the need of the local artisans in the operational area of mahashakti foundation. Despite creating variety of dhokra products the artisans are not being paid the deserved amount of money for their hard work. In order to bring them out for a better life and livelihood, Mahashakti Foundation joined hand with Tata Trusts during January 2016. By the help of these project different trainings to improve the design & quality of dhokra product is imparted to the dhokra artisans. The project also ensures social security provision for the quality life of the artisans in the two targeted villages.