Mahashakti Foundation, in collaboration with MIA and DFID has been successfully implementing the community based health insurance programme in order to reduce the out of pocket payment of poor people towards the cost of treatment of illness and provide better health to rural households. It has adopted a three pronged approach to improve maternal health indicators, reduce the occurrence of malaria and decrease household poverty due health related expenses in 3 tribal blocks of the Kalahandi district of Odisha. A total of 5000 households have and 9600 beneficiaries have been insured till date.

It is a programme that allows the rural women to decide how much premium they want to pay for what type of health service. Common Health Plan All Together (CHAT) is a paper based game that has been prepared and discussed with community to choose the appropriate insurance plan at community level. Awareness programmes in the form of street plays, wall paintings, community meetings and IEC material distribution about Malaria and Maternal health have been conducted and common rural populace have been educated about the social taboos and treatment effects through Quacks. The impact has been wide spread and Mahashakti has been able to reach a total of around 150 villages, thereby enhancing the health security of many rural households.

Mahashakti through ACC Ltd. also offers different health services in the Bargarh district of Odisha through Sustainable Community Development programme.