Sanjukta’s Dairy Farm

Impact of SFS Micro credit on Sanjukta’s Life

“Success story of
Sanjukta Behera on
intervention of
Sampark Fin

Background Details :

Client Name : Sanjukta Behera

Husband’s Name : Maheswar Behera

Area Name : Tarini Basti, Khandagiri

Earlier worked as : Maid Servant in different houses

Case Narration :

A woman named Sanjukta Behera was working as a maid from morning 7:30 to 12 noon and again from afternoon 3:30 to 7:00 in the evening. Her husband was working as a daily labour and he was not getting to work everyday. So it had become very difficult for her to survive and to feed her children. Also she was working day and night to earn money for her family so she was not able to take care of her school going children. In the year 2014, Senior RO of Sampark Fin Sevices (SFS), Anjana Hota went to her area,Tarini Basti for village Survey. There she did meeting and educated the people about micro credit and how by taking loan and using it in a proper way, they can improve their standard of living.

Sanjukta Behera was influenced by this idea and in April 2014, she took a loan amount of INR 20000 from Sampark Fin Services for a tenure of 18 months and bought a cow. She started selling milk. It earned her money which she started saving. She then worked as a maid only in the afternoon time and whatever she earned from that work, she used it to repay the loan. After 18 months, she again took second cycle loan of INR 30000 from SFS in November, 2015. She then bought one more cow and a calf to increase her business. She could then leave the work she was doing as a maid and took care of her cows and calves. Her life was completely changed by the support of MSF. She became ambitious and could dare to dream of a wonderful life. Now she has again taken third

cycle loan of INR 40000 and has a dairy farm with three cows and 3 calves in her farm. She’s happily doing her business without being forced to work under anyone and is earning bread and butter for herself and her family.


A woman working as a maid servant in different houses took loan from Sampark Fin Services in the year 2014 and is a client of SFS till date. She now has a Dairy Farm of her own with three cows and three calves. Her standard of living has changed and financially she has become sound. This in true sense is called Women Empowerment.