Banalata’s Dairy Farm

Being an Entrepreneur is not a Dream

Inspiring Journey
from a housewife to an

Background Details :

Client Name : BanalataMohanty

Husband’s Name : Ratnakar Mohanty

Area Name : Khandagiri Bari

Earlier worked as : Housewife

Case Narration :

BanalataMohanty, a housewife living in Khandagiri area in Bhubaneswar was struggling to have a stable life with her husband working as a security guard in a society for only INR 5000 per month. She had two college going daughters & an eight years old son who was in school. Managing their life & education was a tough job for her as the whole family depended on the earning of her husband. In the year 2015, Senior Relationship Officer of Sampark Fin Services, AnjanaHota went to her village for survey & asked her to take loan from Sampark and start a small business to take care of her family & make her kids educated so that they can live a financially healthy life.

In August 2015, she applied for a loan amount of INR 30,000 for a period of 18 months from Sampark and started a small grocery shop in the courtyard of her house. Gradually, she started earning some profit with it & stocked her shop with new items. She kept a small margin of profit so as to increase her sales, which attracted customers of her area to purchase their everyday grocery needs from her. In January 2018, again she too a loan amount of INR 45,000 as a second cycle loan from Sampark to increase her business.

Now she has a full fledged shop with all the groceries packed up in the shelf and is earning a good amount of profit which has led her to a good standard of living. She has her children going to good schools & colleges and has also earned an individuality for herself in the society.