Renewable Energy -Project Janalok

Renewable Energy Project covers around 80,000 households from M. Rampur, Th. Rampur, Narla, and Lanjigarh Blocks of Kalahandi District in Odisha. With this project Mahashakti aims to provide electric service in the remote areas that are currently un-served and or having higher power cut.

The major activities carried out under this project are scoping data preparation, village level meeting, selection of village entrepreneur, capacity building of village entrepreneurs on Solar Micro Grids (SMG), order placement for set up of SMG, set up SMG & SCS for renewable energy promotion, formation of village energy committee, monthly user fees collection, opening of Bank account and conducting monthly meeting of user committees.

The micro grid, even though not a replacement of the national grid, improves certain aspects especially for communities and regions that have difficulties in accessing electricity, cannot afford electricity or the government facility has been in defunct condition. It is more environmentally friendly, require fewer technical skills to operate and rely more on automation.

The project has already been completed Installing 42 Solar grids in 39 inaccessible tribal villages of Western Odisha covering 1297 HHs. Every connected household now can avail 6-8 hours of solar lights in 2 separate rooms during evening. With the provision of solar grids the villages can now meet all of the energy requirements.

It has become a dependable power source for lighting and inexpensive cooking source for the communities.